Potato Peeling Pie

Potato has been one of the favourite vegetables for most of us. People who love this vegetable experiment a lot with it by inventing many new recipes and cooking something new with the vegetable. It’s a healthy food and also rich in proteins. Sweet potato is very preferable for pancakes and many delicacies can be made out of potato. One of those recipes is Potato Peel Pie. The ingredients that will be needed for the recipe are Potato peels, mashed potato and beet root. Below mentioned is the recipe how to cook the potato peel pie.

The servings for potato peel pie can be up to 6 people. The maximum time that will be required to cook this pie is 20 minutes but can even take more depending on your speed and way of doing it. This can be consumed as either Brunch or maybe as a side dish. The ingredients that will be required are 1 large grated onion, 1 large potato skin grated, 1 medium beet, 1 clove garlic, 2 large egg whites, and 3 tbsp. of unbleached flour powder. And for the filling purpose, you can take 1cup milk, 1/2cup cream, 2strips bacon and 1/4cup cheese. First mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a large bowl and pour the mixture into the pie plate which was already ready. Keep the pie plate containing the mixture in the oven until you feel that the crust is crispy and hard. You should ensure that the mixture should be kept in the oven for an hour at least the mixture is firm enough and doesn’t appear to be in liquid form. Now it’s time to prepare the filling. The potatoes has to be scrubbed well and should be cut into 3 cubes with the peel on it. The garlic has to be added into the water and heat it on medium heat. Then drain the water in it, and mix the potatoes with the milk. Mash the mixture well and add cream, chives and bacon into it. Now spoon the filling into the crust that was already prepared and when you notice gaps, fill it with cheese. Bake the mixture in the oven for 3o minutes in 350F. After baking, let it cool for some time and then your potato pie is ready to serve.

Always ensure the correct amount of the ingredients added in the pie. Even the slightest addition which wasn’t needed, can ruin the potato peel pie. The recipe should be strictly followed and you are set to serve it with all love.

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