Best Places to Travel alone in India

Well, traveling alone to anyplace will give different experience than traveling with companions where you learn about new things. In that case, India can be the ideal place to travel when you are feeling sick about personal things and helps to feel happy after traveling to new places. So, all you need to do is by packing your bag and start going to unknown places when you are going to Solo trips India. Also, traveling alone will make you come out of your comfort zone and get to know the culture of different places. Below are the best places to travel alone in India.


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Manali can be the ideal place to travel where you will get amazing experiences while traveling alone. This place is surrounded by towering peaks and lush green mountains which would beautiful views of nature. So, if you are thinking of going to trekking then you can go to snowy terrains and even includes skiing, para-gliding, and biking.

Leh Ladakh

This place is a remote area of India and one of the most places to visit if you are going on a solo trip. The Leh Ladakh is located on the eastern corner of Jammu and Kashmir and visiting this place can be the perfect plan as it has the world’s highest passes. So, Leh Ladakh is considered as the solo trips India and best for bike riding.


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The Rishikesh is a very popular place in India where solo travelers can enjoy adventure activities like trekking, kayaking, and many other activities. In case, if your mind is disturbed about something then you can practice yoga, meditation for getting the mind in the right direction.


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Alleppey is famous for amazing backwaters, picturesque canals and beautiful beaches. So, this place attracts Solo travelers who want to know about the culture and many other things. The travelers can enjoy the dance shows, music festivals and the resorts will offer a variety of Spa and Ayurvedic treatments during their stay over.

Apart from these, they are many other places that could offer an amazing experience for solo travelers. However, the above ones are the ideal places for Solo trips India when you are thinking of traveling alone without any partner. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best places to travel alone in India. Thanks for reading!

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