Best Holiday Places in April

Well, if you are looking to spend their quality time with the family or loved ones then during the month of April it can be the best time to visit different places around the world because of the summer season. So, the different countries have various beaches, tropical islands and many other places to visit. In the month of April, there are many places where you like the most while visiting the various countries. Below are the lists of best holiday places in April.


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Amsterdam is the stunning city during any time of the year but April marks tulip season where the whole city will blossom into life. You can head to Amsterdam on the Eurostar which is a pleasant way to travel around the places in the city and also you can visit one of the bridge houses dotted throughout the city Canals.

South Africa

During the month of April, South Africa can be the best place for exploring where the weather is very sunny and not too hot. This country is the ideal time of the year where you can go on safaris and road trips. Over here, you can see lions and zebras while going on safaris and even you can see Cape Town from the top of the table mountains. Also, you can tour the vineyards of the famous Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Winelands.


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In any case, if you are looking for perfect holiday destinations in Asia then Dubai can be the best holiday places in April where the temperature averaging around at 26 C that can be too hot. Dubai has got good luxury restaurants, skyscrapers, and underwater bars and also known as a good place for shopping when compared to other places in the world.


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In this country, you can visit the nice beaches where you have sun, perfect sand and crystal-clear sea, jungles and includes a portion of amazing food and plenty of wildlife from dolphins to tortoises where you can enjoy with the family. Over here, you can try kite surfing which is plenty to do so where you can most of your holiday break.

Apart from these, they are many other places in the world where you can visit the countries for taking a break from your busy schedule. However, the above countries are ideal places where you can spend some time with your family. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best holiday places in April. Thanks for reading!

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